The second annual Youth Invitational tournament drew more than 200 bowlers at Greenway Bowl Odenton on Jan. 13.

Youth bowlers from Fair Lanes Annapolis, Fair Lanes Southdale, Silver Hills, Country Club Lanes, Crofton Bowling Centre, Bowl America Odenton, Bowl America Glen Burnie and Greenway Bowl Odenton competed.

The Pee Wee bowlers carried no handicaps and used the bumpers. Each contestant bowled two games and received a Greenway Star trophy.

In the Pee Wee boys division the winners were Bradley McMullen, 5, first; Matthew Belcher, 6, second; Josha Phipps, 4, third.

In the Pee Wee girls division the winners were Rosalyn Scarpulla, 5, first; Kimberly Perkins, 4, second; Heather Deese, 5, third.

Glenn Phippswas first and Bobby Hulings second in the Bantam boys handicap division. Alan Stevens was third.

Jessica Turro won the Bantam girls handicap division. She was followed by Colleen Anderson and Amanda Tryhill.

Nicole Russ had the Bantam girls high scratch game of 113, and Wayne Echan had the Bantam boys high scratch game of 140. Bobby Brown had the high set scratch of 355.

In the Prep Division, the one-game roll-off for girls was won by Mindy Goethe with a handicapped 200. Mike George threw a handicapped 192 for the boys high game. Nadia Holems had the girls high scratch game of 141, and Brian Laree had the boys high game scratch with 175.

In the Junior Division, Jennifer Over had the girls high scratch set with 456, and Bobby Burkindine had the boys high scratch set of 571. Cathy Pendry had the girls highhandicap set with 649.

Mike Hardee took the Junior boys high handicap series with a 723. Mike shot a nice 696 scratch set on his way to the handicap first spot. Nicole Cooper and Lisa Tully tied for the high game scratch with 167, and Timmy Jerousek had the Junior boys high scratch game with 208.

Major girls high scratch game went to Veronica Moton with a 202, and Kendra Cameron had the high scratch set with 600.

Major boys high scratch game belonged to Ricky Paice with a 240 game. Danny Tully had the high handicap game with 256. Stephen Smoot's 638 was good for the Major boys high series. Paul Palmer took the handicap high set with 717.

"The kids were just super. Evenwith over 200 youngsters in the center there weren't any problems. They were just great. I can't wait for next year," said Peggy Tully ofGreenway Bowl Odenton.


Fair Lanes Southwest is starting a Short Season Triples league, mix or match. It will begin at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20. Call 789-2400 for more information.

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in the Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Don a call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.


*Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie

Greenway Jills

Jo Reichart 121/353

Jean Gregory 141/342

Bea Colhauer 137/355

Wednesday Nite Quads

Helen Whay 138/356

Carol Laumann 143/352

Phil Laumann 151/406

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Carol Miller 133/370

Nellie Bentz 142/ 339

Evelyn Dombroski 117/334

Fort Meade

Mike Shughrrue 156/425

Fran Varholy 146/364

Don Wright 145/398

Faith Burke 133/362

Charles Owens 157/392

Peggy Negapaton 138/353

U.S. Coast Guard

Babs Halley 135/383

Mary Pat Coppadge 134/348

Joan Sanborn 124/346

Ron McKenna 147/403

Charles Colhover 142/399

Ben Ray Jr. 135/389

Lil's Seniors

Bill Schenemann 142/375

Paul Parr 132/358

Frank Moore 124/361

John Joslin 123/353

Buck Buchanan 134/359

Dot Jackman 134/365

Monday Doubles

Jim Lane 172/483

Spike Ferguson 175/442

Dwight Rost 150/436

Monday Night Mixed

Dick Schnieider 146/367

Pierce Jenkins 167/416

Ray Calimer 171/433

CarrLowrey Mixed

Tom Sparenberg 165, 165/470

Shirley Quaskey 148/386

Vernon Lohrman 175/444

Sandi Gable 146/382

Frank Williams 132/393

LouiseBronakowski 131/368

Independent Mixed

Steve Wagner 141/386

Susan Boyanich 163/383

Dan Flecher 140/386

Stephanie Glover 138/365

Yogi Kean 145/385

Gloria Young 124/348.

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