A shot at the topAh, to be...


A shot at the top

Ah, to be young, incredible looking, and gracing the cover of a national magazine. What more could life offer?

How about . . . an all-expenses paid trip to New York City, the attention of hair and makeup artists, and lots of yummy meals in the restaurant capital of the world?

Such is the fate awaiting the 13- to 21-year-old winner of the Seventeen/JC Penney Cover Girl contest. The magazine will announce the contest in its February and March issues, though applications are already available at JC Penney stores, and will be through March 16.

Eight semi-finalists will be selected, but only one lucky winner will be chosen for that fateful October 1991 cover.

The fashion minds at Anne Klein II, the secondary line to the higher-priced Anne Klein collection, have announced that they've launched a mail order catalog. The catalog will feature Anne Klein II fashions from past seasons -- styles no longer available in stores, but this shouldn't be much of a fashion problem, because most of the Anne Klein II styles are classics. All of the clothes featured in the catalogs will be either black or white so there'll be no need to guess just how bright that shade of red really is or how deep that forest green will be in natural light.

The first group of catalogs will be sent to customers whose names are in the company's At Your Service data bank. At Your Service is a telephone fashion hot line. To add your name to the list and get in on the mailing, call (800) 451-6900, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays. There's no charge for the catalog. Don't expect a bargain. Prices in the catalog are comparable to department store prices.

High-end fashion retailing is all in the family for mama buyer Sally Jones and baby buyer Susan Rosen. After working for three years at her mother's Cross Keys boutique, Jones and Jones, Ms. Rosen branched out last September and opened a store of her own, Madeline, at Wildwood Center in Bethesda.

Did the years apprenticing with her mother help? "Oh yeeeeees," she says. She worked in department store retailing for 15 years and needed exposure to the "opposite" world of specialty store buying before she could make it on her own, she believes.

As for the name of the store, that's a family affair, too. Madeline is the name of Ms. Rosen's 10-year-old daughter.

Donna Peremes

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