50 Years Ago (week of Feb. 2- Feb. 8, 1941):

* A dance to celebrate President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's birthday was conducted at Brendel's Manor Park.

So many people came out for the event that some had to be turned away. Music was provided by Gene Hardy's orchestra.

Tom Harmon, a two-year all-American halfback from the University of Michigan, was the guest of honor.

Proceeds from the dance were donated to what was then known as the "campaign for dimes and dollars" to fight infantile paralysis, or polio.

(Note: Brendel's Manor Park was located on Route 144 in the vicinityof Folly Quarter Road, on the former site of St. Charles College, which burned down in 1911.)

* The Howard County grand jury was recalled into a two-day special session that resulted in 29 indictments being handed down, 27 for alleged liquor, gambling and disorderly houseoffenses.

The indictments resulted from the work of two special investigators, who had been charged with "cleansing up" the county. Most of the charges were related to the unlawful sale of liquor or keeping of gaming tables.

In addition, there was one count of keeping a disorderly house, one of larceny and one of robbery with a deadly weapon.


25 Years Ago (week of Jan. 30- Feb. 5, 1966):

* The "Blizzard of '66" struck Howard County the night of Sunday, Jan. 30. About 25 inches of snow fell, but drifts 6 to 8 feet high were not uncommon. There were reports of snowdrifts up to 25 feet high in the Clarksville area.

On the Monday morning following the storm, Route 40 was open on one side only. Road crews had their hands full just trying to maintain the main roads, so secondary and side roads remained blocked by deep, drifting snow.

* Howard County's Community Action Council received a grant from the Office of Economic Opportunities this week for $11,282. Thesefunds were designated for the purpose of planning and program development for the county's war on poverty.

The grant would pay the salaries of a program director, two community aides and a full-time secretary for six months.

The task of this staff was to identify areasof poverty within the county and develop programs to meet the needs of poverty-level families.

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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