Amgen"Biotechnology stocks have been one of the...



"Biotechnology stocks have been one of the market's strongest groups in recent months . . . We think one of the most attractive stocks in the group is Amgen (AMGN, OTC, around $75)," says the Merrill Lynch Market Letter, New York.

"The company has strong finances and a very competent management team. We expect earnings to increase at a compounded annual rate of 60 percent over the next five years. We award the stock our highest short and long-term buy ratings for appreciation potential."


"Biogen (BGEN, OTC, around $18) is a biotechnology company engaged in the development of genetically engineered therapeutics for the treatment of AIDS, cancer, and arthritis," explains Zweig Performance Ratings Report, Bellmore, N.Y. The approval of the company's alpha interferon drug for the treatment of hairy cell leukemia . . . allowed the company to enjoy its first profitable year in 1989.

"The company should continue to enjoy substantial growth. In addition, the company is in strong financial shape, with almost no debt . . . Buy."


"Glenfed (GLN, NYSE, around $6) is the fifth largest thrift institution in the U.S., with offices predominantly in Florida and LTC California," says Warrior Investment Guide, West Vancouver, British Columbia.

"Selling at less than two times earnings and only one-sixth of its book value, shareholders clearly expect the worst. "However, we have always been impressed with this company, its management, and its business focus; as such, we are betting on its recovery. We rank the stock as an excellent speculation."

Ivax Corp.

"IVAX (IVX, ASE, around $15) is a unique health care company with strong potential" says Ronald Stern, of Tucker Anthony. If its chairman, Dr. Philip Frost, is able to duplicate his previous success with Key Pharmaceuticals, IVAX's great potential may become a reality.

IVAX has grown from sales of $7.4 million in 1985 to $63 million in 1989. The firm continues to report losses due to heavy research expenses. However, 1991 should be a breakout year. We believe these shares offer a solid opportunity for long-term investors."

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