Mousse is out, gel is in with the teen set


We're always a bit fascinated by items that turn up on In and Out lists of America's teen population. After all, we've been trying to figure out New Kids on the Block ever since the pesky fellas started attracting swarms of screaming teen-agers.

Irma Zandl's New York City company, Xtreme Inc., specializes in keeping tabs on teen trends. She doesn't really try to explain them the woman obviously values her sanity she just tries to organize them.

From her latest survey, Zandl tells us that, like their older counterparts, teen-agers choose black as their top clothing color, followed by other dark colors, such as blue and green. A few girls pick purple and some pastel colors, while boys pick red.

The most popular blue jeans among teens were those by Levi and the Gap. We like to think that maybe, just maybe, teen-agers are getting over their infatuation with Guess? jeans.

Mousse use is down and gel has plateaued. And Clinique is one of the few product lines that has managed to establish some consumer loyalty among teen-agers.

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