Good chewsWhen is chewing gum good for...


Good chews

When is chewing gum good for you?

When it's sugarless gum, and you chew it after eating junk-food snacks, say Indiana dentists.

Researchers at the University of Indiana School of Dentistry found a 72 percent reduction in acid levels of plaque when volunteers chewed sugarless gum after eating chocolate bars, cupcakes, corn chips and other sugary and starchy snacks. Gum stimulates saliva production, and saliva contains acid-neutralizing substances, they explain.

Starchy snacks are just as bad for the teeth as candy, they note.

Drivers' defense

You would never drink and drive, but you still have to worry about people who do. Their behavior behind the wheel will sometimes provide the kind of clues that allow you to steer clear before an accident happens.

A new book called "365 Health Hints" suggests that you avoid drivers who drive too fast or too slowly, change lanes frequently, ignore or overshoot traffic signs and signals, drive without their lights on after dark, keep their windows down in inclement weather, or seem to be partying with their passengers instead of paying attention to the road.

Sporty shorts

Your matching shirts and workout shorts, your sweats and warm-ups and running tights are only as good as what's underneath -- which is to say, your athletic underwear. According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, slip-on sports bras are more comfortable than the kind with plastic or metal snaps; shoulder straps should be wide, and you should be able to fit your thumbs under the straps and under the elastic around your chest. For maximum freedom of movement, panties should have high-cut legs.

Athletic supporters, or jock straps, provide the kind of support most men need; for those who'd really rather not, high-cut briefs may be an appropriate choice.

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