Forget the black lace teddy and matching garter belt. This Valentine's Day, give a gift of a mammogram to someone you love.

One local hospital, Bon Secours, is offering mammogram certificates (along with a heart-shaped cup filled with candy) as a special Valentine promotion.

"Our hope is to get family and loved ones involved in the early detection of breast cancer," said Delma Herskovitz, community service director at the hospital.

Bon Secours is charging $45 for the mammogram. The deadline for ordering the mammogram in time for Valentine's Day delivery is Feb. 11. For more information, call Bon Secours Hospital Community Service Department at 332-3096.

And, in a separate, but health-related promotion for AIDS prevention, one local florist is selling condom bouquets.

At Bob Jones Florist in Mount Vernon, the condom bouquet is being offered for the first time this year in response to several requests and the growing awareness of AIDS prevention, said Amelia Berdych, sister of the owner.

The bouquets, which start at $25, include several flowers and two or three condoms. For more information, call Bob Jones Florist, 752-3737.

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