Network reporter attracts female fans


Baltimore women apparently are falling prey to the charms of Arthur Kent, also known as the "Scud Stud" and the "pinup of the Persian Gulf." At least, that was the word at the end of a WMAR-TV broadcast, in which the NBC affiliate shamelessly promoted the NBC network correspondent in Saudi Arabia.

Although there were no videotaped interviews with local women, anchor Sally Thorner claimed the station has been receiving calls about Kent, a 35-year-old bachelor who keeps his cool -- and his coiffure -- during Iraqi missile attacks. But, so far, there is no local chapter of his apparently burgeoning fan club.

Should one get started, Thorner seems a likely member. She ended the "story" on Kent with this spontaneous observation: "If he comes back to this country with so much as a scratch on his face, Saddam Hussein will have to answer to the women of this country."


The Greater Annapolis Chamber of Commerce is asking businesses in the Annapolis area to participate in the "Maryland Letter to the Troops" campaign.

Employees of Manpower Temporary Services are to visit offices once a week on a prearranged schedule to pick up letters to the troops, or letters may be dropped off at the chamber office at 1 Annapolis St., second floor.

Already, nine Annapolis-area businesses are involved in the letter-writing campaign.

For more information, call the chamber office at 268-7676.


Bishop Joseph Yeakel, head of the Baltimore Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, has asked the 750 churches in the region to place signs on their lawns and white ribbons on their doors. The markers are intended to remind people to pray for peace in the Middle East.

The Baltimore conference includes churches in Washington, part West Virginia, and most of Maryland west of Chesapeake Bay.

A national committee of United Methodist bishops also has called on church members around the world to pray and fast until the war ends. The bishops' statement expresses the hope that "people of faith throughout the world may resist calling upon God to support the concept of a 'holy war' on either side in the conflict."

Laura Lippman, Patrick Ercolano and Monica Norton contributed to this report.

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