Would you like to sound off on an issue concerning sports in Carroll County?

Perhaps you'd like to comment on athletics in our high schools or at Western Maryland College; or about the myriad of recreational sports?

Then the Carroll County Sun has a new feature for you -- our Sports Ballot.

This will give readers an opportunity to comment on local sports issues of the day.

The beginning of each month, we will choose a local sports issue and ask for your opinions. The same sports ballot will run for four consecutive Sundays.

Our first questionconcerns the Board of Education proposal to require all high school physical education teachers hired after July 1991 to coach at least two sports. Specific questions are on the adjacent ballot.

You may write (please print or type) your thoughts on the ballot or on additional sheets of paper with more detailed comments on the issue.

Mail your comments to: Sports Ballot, the Carroll County Sun, 15 E. MainSt., Westminster, Md. 21157-5052. You also may FAX your comments to us at 876-0233, 24 hours a day.

As always, you may write us about other local sports topics by writing to Letters to the Sports Editor,at the same address.

Information: 857-0550, 876-8771 or (800) 829-8000, Ext. 6595.

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