Combine answers to a few "Q's without A's" from Wednesday's column with some brand-new "Q's" and other notes, and you've got a Sunday smorgasbord, sports fans.

Since this is supposed to be a day of leisure, you should be able to find time and give me a ring on the 24-hourSportsline, 647-2499, with some new fodder for the notorious "Q's & A's" sessions.


* In response to Wednesday's column in which we announced that Bob Abend had not retired as Archbishop Spalding boys lacrosse coach and is now head frosh-soph boys lacrosse coach at Mount St. Joseph High in Irvington, an interesting call came into the Sportsline.

Abendwas miffed at Spalding athletic director Domenic Pachence for sayinghe had retired, and the caller asked this question, "A lot of coaches around the county would like to know why Abend was not invited back, why other (Spalding) coaches have also 'retired,' and why should they complain about their losing record in football if they have no desire to continue with a good sports program?"


The coach was referring to the departures of Abend in boys lacrosse, Gary Lyle in football, and John Russell in girls soccer, boys basketball and baseball within the last year and a half.

* Also, on our asking why the foul walking is called so much, and why three-point shots are not allowed incounty Rec and Parks 8-10 and 10-12 basketball, we got several responses from refs and Rec and Parks superintendent Don Ruland.

Veteran ref Greg March, whom I erred in calling Gordon on Wednesday, calledto say that he agrees that walking is sometimes called too close. March pointed out that when a ref tries not to call it too close with the little kids, he sometimes is subjected to the verbal abuse of coaches who want the rule strictly enforced.

"It's a no-win situation for us," said March.

Ruland reiterated pretty much the same sentiments saying, "It's very difficult when to call walking, when not to. It's strictly judgment, and I wish we could help the officials more on that call, but what can you do except call it the way you see it?"

On the three-point shot and why it is not allowed in the 8-10 and 10-12 leagues, Ruland said, "A lot of kids can't get the ball up there at that level, and we discussed this with the coaches. We believe in listening to their input before deciding on rules.

"The idea of no three-point shot for those kids is to encourage them to work the ball in and not have kids just running up there (and firing it up)."

* For those of you who observe or coach rec basketball, don't you agree with Ruland that Golden Triangle Officials commissioner Ron Smith has done a great job organizing and training the refs?


* Did youknow that when North County (2-12) upset 9-5 South River, 69-67, in overtime on a layup by C.J. Prince on Jan. 25 that South River's Albert Lee hit a halfcourt three-pointer with eight-tenths of a second left to tie it in regulation?

South River has one of those state-of-the-art clocks that tick off tenths of seconds and Lee got his shot off in that time.

Speaking of Prince, did you know his dad is Cliff Prince, who is assistant principal at MacArthur Middle School?

Let me tell you that Cliff Prince is a real credit to the Board of Education. My son, Sean, attended Severna Park Middle when Prince was a guidance counselor there. This year when he started high school, Sean received a letter from Prince wishing him success in the future. Prince sent that letter to many other students he had come to know personally while at Severna Park Middle.

Don't you agree with me that was beyond the call of duty, but a wonderful touch by Prince and something that makes a parent feel really good about public school education?

* Did you know that Annapolis High assistant principal John Foreman's son, Andre, who stars at Salisbury State, is about to become the first junior in state history to tally 2,000 career points in hoops? Andre, 6 feet, 6 inches, who attended Stephen Decatur High on the Eastern Shore, has 1,862 points with six games left.


It's hoped that Andre's dad, the former Chesapeake High coach, will be around to see his son crack 2,000. John Foreman is in the U.S. Marine Reserves and could be called up at any time. He recently was moved from a Marine unit that was called over to the Persian Gulf.

* Did you Annapolis fans know that advance ticket sales for Friday's No. 2-ranked Southern of Baltimore at No. 4 Annapolis boys basketball game go on saletomorrow night at the Queen Anne's at Annapolis make-up game?

* This "Q" came from Barry Lewis of Annapolis. "What does the BWKA on the Broadneck High wrestling team jackets mean? Would you put that in your questions column?"

* Can you believe that two of the world's greatest ego-maniacs are coming to speak in Annapolis this month intalk show guru Larry King, Feb. 8 at the Navy football banquet, and former Baltimore Colts running back Tom Matte at the 37th annual Annapolis TD Club banquet at St. Mary's High on Feb. 26?

How many of you caught King's "I adore myself" chain-smoking emcee act at the Tops in Sports baseball banquet a couple of years ago? If you did, I betyou can't wait to hear him speak.

Do you think the CNN star's main topic of his speech will be Larry King?


By the way for info onthe Navy football banquet, call 268-6060 and for the TD club affair,call 263-0668.

* Are you aware that 24-year-old Hollye Thompson, mixologist at Dinkum's in Brooklyn Park, credits the great shape she's in to the weight-training class she took with Ron Evans while attending Old Mill High?

"I didn't play any high school sports, but Iwas in Mr. Evans' weight-training class and I've continued with someof the things I learned back then," said Thompson. "A lot of us havecontinued towork out since high school and kept in great shape. It'simportant."

* How's this quote rate on a scale of one to 10 from Chesapeake hoop coach Tom Kraning after his Cougars lost at Queen Anne's, 86-74, Wednesday night? "The officials wouldn't let me complain about calls at both ends of the court, but that's what happens when you go to Queen Anne's.

"One official was from Centreville, rightdown the road (from Queen Anne's) and the other from St. Michael's, which I've only been to the Crab Claw a few times but I'm sure it's beautiful."

* Do you agree with County Coordinator of Physical Education Paul Rusko when he says, "This is going to be our best winter season ever (in terms of competitiveness in wrestling, boys and girls basketball and indoor track)?"


* Did you know that Annapolis Highbasketball coach John Brady is crediting North County principal Bill Wentworth for an "inspirational" talk that led to the Panthers' 75-39 blowout of Broadneck last Tuesday?

Brady's team was in its annual midseason slump before the Broadneck explosion when Wentworth talked to the coach about how too many coaches in the county play "not tolose, rather than play to win, and aren't aggressive enough."

After taking Wentworth's advice to heart, Brady went out and "decided to be more aggressive by getting away from running set plays and let the kids go. (He) convinced me to avoid being conservative."

Brady and Wentworth grew up together in Brooklyn Park.

* How good of acollege prospect is Broadneck's 7-foot-2 center Boris Beck? Good enough that Florida State head coach Pat Kennedy showed up to see him play Tuesday.

Head coaches only show up to see guys who are genuine prospects. Kennedy was an assistant to Jim Valvano at Iona and later became head coach at Iona when Valvano moved to N.C. State.