The following support groups are sponsored by Harbor Hospital Center:

* Alcoholics Anonymous -- meets Friday and Sunday evenings at the hospital. Information: 347-2544.

* Bereavement Counseling -- meets when needed by the hospital's Pastoral Care Division. Information: 347-3487.

* Coronary Club -- ongoing group for former cardiac patients, their families and friendsmeets in the hospital's Gruehn Building. Information: 347-3533.

*Freedom From Smoking -- seven-session program offered at regular interviews to help people quit smoking. Former smokers are invited to a non-smokers' group. Class size is limited. Information: 347-3569.

* Grandparenting Class -- Offers a look at changing family roles, theimportance of family-centered care, the options available to new parents and the manner in which grandparents can help. Information: 347-3412.

* "Learn" Weight-Loss Program -- combines behavior modification with nutrition education to provide an informative, comprehensive weight-control course. Information: 347-3404.

* Oncology SupportGroup -- for families of cancer patients. An informal setting helps families cope with their feelings and those of the patients. Information: 347-3546.

* Outpatient Group Therapy for Substance Abuse -- for patients who have completed chemical detoxification. Twelve-week program provides further education and structure. Information: 347-2544.

* Pediatric Diabetes Support Group -- for parents of diabetic children in conjunction with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Information: 347-3234 or 356-4555.

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