Patricia A. Perluke, the woman nominated by the county executive as Harford's next economic development director, was a paid consultant for the state Department of Economic and Employment Development for eight months, not the two-year period her resume lists, a personnel records clerk said state records show.

Perluke, who worked in County Executive Eileen M. Rehrmann's election campaign and transition team,was nominated last month by Rehrmann to the $51,000 job. Her nomination and other department head appointments will be reviewed for approval Tuesday by the County Council.

On her resume, Perluke lists simultaneous employment with The Business Consulting Group Inc. and the state Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) from 1987 to 1989. Perluke lists on theresume only years not months and years of work history.

When asked Friday by a reporter to verify Perluke's employment with the state,Renuka Sridheran in DEED's personnel office said DEED records show Perluke worked as a "contractual employee" from January 1988 until Aug. 26, 1988 -- about eight months.

When questioned by a reporter about the apparent discrepancy, Perluke said she listed a two-year period of employment with DEED because she had done volunteer work beforeher contractual arrangement began and after it ended.

She said theemployment dates with DEED and the consulting group overlapped because she was doing the volunteer work for DEED at the same time she and two other consultants established The Business Consulting Group.

Perluke said, "In working with the start-up of the business consulting group, I volunteered my services to work with DEED."

Perluke said she did not specifically list volunteer work because "it really wasn't necessary."

"When you're in a business consulting practice and you're just starting out, you invest in the future of your firm bydoing free work when necessary."

Council President Jeffrey D. Wilson expressed concern over Perluke's appointment, but would not explain his reservations. Said Wilson, "It has been my posture that I would vote in the negative on her appointment."

Perluke and Rehrmann said they did not understand why Wilson opposes the appointment.

Rehrmann said she did not believe that other resumes had been examined as closely as Perluke's and said she "has confidence" in Perluke's ability to handle the job.

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