From The Sun Feb. 3-9, 1841Feb. 3:...


From The Sun Feb. 3-9, 1841

Feb. 3: The Franklin Railroad, from Chambersburg, Pa., to Hagerstown, Md., is finished and is to be formally opened today. There is now a continuous line of railroad from Hagerstown to Philadelphia.

Feb. 4: We learn that the "goods and chattels, lands and tenements of the Baltimore Theatre and Circus Company and all the scenery" belonging to said company, will be sold on the 10th inst., by order of the sheriff -- so we go.

From The Sun Feb. 3-9, 1891

Feb. 6: Within the present month or the early part of March the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company expects to begin the use of its underground wires extensively.

Feb. 9: Driver Ford, of car No. 40, of the Traction Company, was badly beaten Saturday night by four men who refused to pay the full fare. The men boarded the car on Carey Street near Harlem Avenue.

From The Sun Feb. 3-9, 1941

Feb. 5: Dramatic cures of bacillary dysentery, a disease frequently fatal to young children, have been affected at the Johns Hopkins Hospital by use of a new drug known as sulfanilylguanidine, it was disclosed yesterday.

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