Topps gets jump on corrections for 1991 set


Topps' 1991 baseball cards are out. Now, so are the corrections.

According to Topps publicist Kenneth M. Liss, "Because of the special nature of this set and because these errors were caught early enough in the run, Topps has decided to correct a number of the 1991 cards."

The 40th-anniversary set contains 792 cards, and Topps is correcting 26. The errors fall into four categories: wrong picture, wrong team logo, typographical and statistical.

Here's the lineup:

* Wrong picture: On card No. 279 (Jose Gonzalez), Billy Bean's photograph was used. Now it's Gonzalez. And on card No. 603, Louie Meadows' photo appeared instead of Wes Chamberlain's. It no longer does.

* Wrong team logo: On card No. 337 (Keith Comstock), the Cubs logo has been replaced by a Mariners logo.

* Typographical: Card No. 80 (Fernando Valenzuela: 20 complete games in 1986 italicized to indicate led league; 104 earned runs in 1990 changed from tied for league lead to led league); card No. 131 (checklist 1: No. 727 Phil Bradley changed to 717); No. 155 (Dwight Evans: 162 games in 1982 changed from led league to tied for lead); No. 167 (Randy Tomlin: "Harriburg" in 1989 and 1990 changed to Harrisburg); No. 236 (Frank Tanana: 269 strikeouts in 1975 changed from tied for league lead to led league); No. 324 (Ron Kittle: text "Ron set Comiskey Park record with 6 home runs . . ." changed to ". . . 7 home runs . . ."; text "set another standard with 3 in 1984" changed to "tied another standard"); No. 366 (checklist 3: No. 19 Carl Nichols changed to 119); No. 378 (Wilson Alvarez: adds two statistical lines, 89 Port Charlotte and 90 Birmingham); No. 454 (Kevin Appier: adds statistical line, 90 Omaha); No. 527 (checklist 4: No. 719 Kevin McReynolds changed to 105, No. 105 Keith Miller changed to 719); No. 593 (Mike Walker: adds statistical line, 90 Canton-Akron); No. 599 (Greg Meyers: adds statistical line, 90 Syracuse); No. 656 (checklist 5: No. 537 Mike LaValliere changed to 665, No. 665 Jim Leyland changed to 381, No. 381 Jose Lind changed to 537, No. 348 Vincente Palacios changed to 438); No. 674 (Kevin Gross: 89 bases on balls in 1988 changed from tied for league lead to led league); No. 692 (Efrain Valdez: birth date of 6-11-66 changed to 7-11-66, adds two lines of copy).

* Statistical: No. 49 (Pat Borders: 40 stolen bases in 1986 changed to 0); No. 97 (Brady Anderson: Monthly Scoreboard for September indicating 2 RBI changed to 3, 3 hits changed to 14); No. 100 (Don Mattingly: 10 hits in 1990 changed to 101, 1,310 career hits changed to 1,401; .487 career slugging average changed to .504, .297 career batting average changed to .317); No. 306 (Lonnie Smith: 136 games in 1990 changed to 135, 1,270 career games changed to 1,269); No. 526 (Moises Alou: 37 runs in 1990 changed to 0, 41 career runs changed to 4); No. 687 (John Cerutti: 4.46 ERA in 1990 changed to 4.76); No. 706 (Brad Arnsberg: 68.2 innings pitched in 1990 changed to 62.2, 144 career innings changed to 138, 3.25 career ERA changed to 3.39); No. 780 (Randy Myers: 2 losses in 1990 changed to 6, 15 career losses changed to 19).


When Score's baseball Series II comes out next month , packs will have a bonus. There will be 38,444 special Mickey Mantle cards randomly inserted, and 2,493 will be signed. There will be seven Mantle cards depicting various stages of his career. Specially marked packs will contain instructions for a mail-in sweepstakes, whose prizes are signed and unsigned Mantle cards. . . . The second series also contains a card honoring U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf. The front of the card, No. 737, shows an American flag. The back contains the message: "We pray for the safe return of all Americans involved in Operation Desert Storm and for peace throughout the world." . . . Fleer will issue a 100-card basketball update set.


Pro Set has a 160-card 25th anniversary Super Bowl set. Each pack contains six pieces of gum, seven Super Bowl cards and a puzzle piece. It is also offered as a set. . . . An Action Packed postseason offering is the All-Madden Team, sold in packs of six cards for a suggested retail price of $2.49 and the set for $29.95.

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