Clifford E. Charlesworth, 59, a former director...


Clifford E. Charlesworth, 59, a former director of space operations at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and a flight director of the Apollo 11 moon landing, died Jan. 26. Mr. Charlesworth, who retired in 1988 and lived in Friendswood, Texas, was flight director for the Gemini and Apollo missions and was one of the flight directors on the Apollo 11 mission, the first to land men on the moon, in 1969. He was deputy manager for the Skylab program, manager of the earth resources program office at the Johnson Space Center and deputy manager of the shuttle payload integration and development program office.

R. C. McHarness, 83, a retired Du Pont Co. employee and pioneer in Freon and Teflon manufacturing, died of pneumonia Jan. 26 in Hockessin, Del. Mr. McHarness, who went to work for Du Pont as a research chemist at Jackson Laboratory, Chamber Works, in Deepwater, N.J., in 1930, was a key player in the development of the manufacturing process of Freon and Teflon. During World War II, he worked on the Manhattan Project, the secret operation by the U.S. government that produced the world's first atomic bomb.

Mario Valentino, 63, a leading Italian designer who turned leather into high fashion, died of cancer Thursday at his home in Naples.

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