PizzApeel, 33rd and Charles streets, 467-0802. Youngsters...


PizzApeel, 33rd and Charles streets, 467-0802. Youngsters -- and their parents too -- are greeted with a dish of popcorn at this Charles Village spot. It's a nice touch and staves off tantrums by hungry little ones. Unfortunately, the service wasn't quite as considerate of small diners; we had several long waits. The food, though reasonably priced, didn't have much flavor. Perhaps we should have stuck with the pizza, which we know to have a soft, jTC thick crust and a distinctive flavor we find pleasing. $inexpensive. (Last visited 12/90.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Busan, 2101 Maryland Ave., 727-2929. Busan is an adventure for gourmet globe-trotters who enjoy traveling to distant lands -- if only through their taste buds. The restaurant, named for the owner-chef's Korean hometown, specializes in Korean and Japanese dishes, including sushi. For the best sampling of both cuisines, splurge and order the $30 prix-fixe dinner; as long as you're willing to keep eating, the chef will keep sending out new dishes for you to try. $$moderate. (Last visited 1/91.)

JANICE BAKER Bolongo Bay, 760 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, 544-2011. Bolongo Bay restaurant takes its name from a bay in St. Thomas, in the Lesser Antilles. The name's a caprice. Bolongo Bay's food is French and Italian, moderately priced, and often good. The plat du jour makes sense, offering a complete dinner, with considerable choice among appetizers, entrees, and desserts, for $19.95. On it, we had an interesting pate, an explosively spiced tuna steak (drink beer!) and some commercial cake. The vegetables were simply excellent. $$$expensive. (Last visited 10/90.)

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