Around the house* Iron linen tablecloth quickly....


Around the house

* Iron linen tablecloth quickly. Arrange thick terry cloth towels on top of table; spread cloth over towels and spray lightly with water. Smooth out fabric and let sit for a few minutes. Iron top of cloth; deep wrinkles from the overhanging portions of the tablecloth will disappear from the moisture.

* Avoid penciling walls when hanging pictures. After measuring, mark spot where nail should be hammered with a wet fingertip or cloth.

* Remove small tarnish spots from brass. Dip a lemon rind in table salt and dab onto stain.

* Keep a "file" of frozen leftovers. Freeze wrapped leftover food on flat surface of freezer compartment. A dish-drying rack placed in freezer will hold frozen packages securely in slots. The rack can be pulled out to remove individual packages as needed.

* Avoid skid marks on baseboards caused by vacuuming. Glue a strip of felt along the bottom edge of vacuum cleaner.

* Recycle envelopes of bills, letters and junk mail. Envelopes can be used to hold lunch money, coupons, stamps or other small items.

In the garden

* Perk up fading Christmas poinsettias. Bare stems of plants are camouflaged when plants are grouped together in front of a mirror.

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