Wrathchild America to release 2nd album


Local rockers Wrathchild America are expected to release their second national album, "3D," next week, and already things are going much better than the first time around.

"At least we know the album won't sit on the shelf for eight months like it did the last time," said drummer Shannon Larkin.

Soon after Atlantic signed the band three years ago, another British band called Wrathchild sued to stop the distribution of the project. After Baltimore's WrathChild changed its name to Wrathchild America, all systems were go. But the early record company support had dwindled during the period of lawsuits and settlements.

"We would have gotten a bigger push if it would have come out on time," said Larkin, who along with the rest of the band will be at Hammerjacks Monday night for a listening party for the new album. "The last album sold 70,000 units, which certainly isn't bad, but things are going really well so far this time."


The concert calendar . . .

Coming to Max's On Broadway, Don Dixon and Marti Jones (Sunday and Monday), They Eat Their Own (Feb. 8), Tough Luck (Feb. 9), Drivin N Cryin (Feb. 10), The Jody Grind (Feb. 12) Ritchie Havens (Feb. 21).

Performing at the Capital Centre, Neil Young, Sonic Youth and Social Distortion (Feb. 27), INXS (March 1), Sting (March 7), Paul Simon (March 13).

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