Kidney donated to identical twin:A Western Maryland...

Kidney donated to identical twin:

A Western Maryland man who received a kidney from his identical twin brother continued to recover today from the transplant operation, hospital officials in Pittsburgh say.


Roger Bittinger, 23, received the transplant Tuesday from his twin brother, Rodney. Each man was in stable condition yesterday after undergoing about three hours of surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Roger had glomeruo nephritis, a common kidney disease that destroys cells in the organ, said Mary Ann Palumbi, administrative director for transplants at the hospital. The disease was caused by a strep infection, she said.


Palumbi said that Roger's recovery was proceeding well and he should be able to return to his home in Barton, in Allegany County, next week. He doesn't need anti-rejection drugs because the tissue in the donated organ matches his perfectly.

A return to Israel:

Conductor Zubin Mehta, who traveled to Israel when the Persian Gulf war began, is planning to return for a concert next month.

"Hopefully by then, we can do the concerts. At the moment, no public assembly is allowed. Everybody is hungry for music," he said Tuesday at a New York Philharmonic luncheon honoring him.

Mehta is leaving at the end of this season after 13 years as the New York orchestra's music director. He remains music director of the Israel Philharmonic.

Jackson's motives questioned:

Entertainer Harry Belafonte questions Jesse Jackson's motives as a black leader and says his overshadowing position prevents the emergence of new leaders.

Belafonte is quoted in Penthouse as saying that Jackson's dominance "has seriously impaired our ability as a people to look around . . . and see if we shouldn't . . . be developing 10 or 20 other people . . . who could give us a broader selection of . . . choices." He wonders if Jackson "is truly out there to lead in the highest moral sense or if he's out there for personal gain."


He criticized Jackson's co-opting of local movements, noting that while he attracts greater, immediate attention, when "everyone leaves, the community is left devastated because it doesn't understand clearly what its program is anymore." Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 40, thought to be Britain's richest man, finally has an heir to his title after having two daughters.

The Duke of Westminster's wife, Natalia, 31, gave birth to Hugh Richard Louis, who weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces Tuesday in London. The baby is heir to 300 acres in London's exclusive Mayfair and Belgravia neighborhoods, plus a 13,000-acre rural estate.

* "Kindergarten Cop" star Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, newswoman Maria Shriver are expecting a second baby this summer. Referring to their year-old daughter, the couple said in a statement: "We're having so much fun with Katherine that we're thrilled with the prospect of having another child."

Beauty gets a lawyer:

Miss USA Carole Gist, nearing the end of her reign, has taken her predecessor's advice and hired a lawyer.

Detroit attorney Gregory Reed was to have met with pageant officials to discuss some of Miss USA's complaints, which include getting more work and less than the $220,000 in cash and prizes she expected. He did not say how much money was in dispute.


Pageant officials did not respond to an inquiry GIST Tuesday and did not answer their Los Angeles telephone yesterday.

When Gretchen Polhemus ended her reign as Miss USA last year, she said many aspects of her contract were unclear, and that she didn't get $5,000 in prizes until she threatened to boycott the pageant in which Gist was selected.

Gist, 21, hands over her tiara Feb. 27. David Foster, who led Canada's "We Are The World" equivalent, "Tears Are Not Enough," in 1985, has come up with a new, apolitical project saluting Persian Gulf troops and is lining up an audio and video to be done as early as this Sunday. Set for the project so far are Natalie Cole, Paul Anka, David Crosby, Janet Jones, Alan Thicke and Peter Cetera, who wrote the music with Foster. "Everyone we asked wants to do it," Foster said.

* Singer Gloria Estefan shot two Valentine's Day greetings to U.S. troops in the gulf.

* Earlier this month, Col. Trevor N. Dupuy, a military analyst, self-published his book, "How to Defeat Saddam Hussein." Last week, Warner Books heard about it, bought the rights and ordered 400,000 paperbacks printed. The 208-page book, retailing for $4.95, will be in the bookstores Feb. 8.

Briefly noted:


Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, will make an official visit to Washington in May, then head for cities in Texas and Florida, Buckingham Palace said yesterday. . . . Former President Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, took their posts Tuesday as the honorary heads of Atlanta's Table, a charity that provides poor and homeless people with meals from the city's finest restaurants. . . . Comedian Steve Allen was presented the 1991 Artistic Achievement Award by the women's division of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith yesterday in Los Angeles. . . . Actress Cathy Lee Crosby filed suit yesterday in Los Angeles against former boyfriend Joe Theismann for $4.5 million, claiming that the former Washington Redskin quarterback abandoned his promise to financially support her.

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