Barnett BanksBarnett Banks (BBI, NYSE, around $20)...


Barnett Banks

Barnett Banks (BBI, NYSE, around $20) is no upstart in the financial services industry. Founded in 1877, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based bank holding company has survived many economic . . . cycles," says Geraldine Weiss, Investment Quality Trends, La Jolla, Calif.

"Earnings have been slammed hard. However, there is little question that Barnett will be a survivor of the current banking crisis. The issue is trading below book value. The stock offers a historically high 7.4 percent yield."

Blockbuster Ent.

"Investors won't find many exciting investments among retail businesses these days," says Market Signals, Chicago.

But "Blockbuster Entertainment (BV, NYSE, around $25), which manages and franchises the nation's largest chain of video rental stores, has big markets waiting to be tapped.

"Currently trading at 31 times earnings, the stock is certainly not cheap. However, we believe it continues to have good appreciation potential. . . . dynamic earnings growth is assured for several years. Buy."


"Fiscal 1990 was another record year for Nike (NKE, NYSE, around $43). Strong retail sales remain unabated, and retailers are optimistic that this trend will continue," says George Price, The Price Trend, San Jose, Calif.

Domestic future footwear orders have risen sharply from year-earlier levels. Total future international orders have climbed 70 percent. Overall, its appears the stage is set for another good year of growth. We continue to recommend this timely equity to investors. . ."

U.S. Shoe

"U.S. Shoe (USR, NYSE, around $11) -- by all measures of historical value -- is a shoe-in for long-term financial growth," says Geraldine Weiss, Investment Quality Trends, La Jolla, Calif.

Founded in 1931, the firm made only one brand of women's shoes -- Red Cross -- for 25 years. The company now also has a strong footing in women's apparel and optical retailing. "The stock is priced at historically undervalued levels. The attractive dividend yield suggest excellent total return potential."

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