Mikulski's office prepares a list of military and civilian hot lines


Senator Barbara Mikulski's office has prepared a list of hot lines for news and family support groups within the military and civilian communities. The four-page information packet includes national numbers for information referral, military family support services, Red Cross services and support groups formed by families. For a copy, call any of the senator's offices (Baltimore is 942-4510) (Washington, D.C. is 202-224-4654) or write Senator Barbara Mikulski, ATTN. Desert Storm Family Support, United States Senate, Washington, D.C. 20510.

The following is a list of some numbers, mostly compiled from the Mikulski list.

* General hot lines for family support to be used by immediate family of service members on active duty:

U.S. Army Reserve Hotline: 1-800-874-8451; U.S. Army Desert Storm Hotline: 1-800-542-9254; Maryland National Guard: 1-800-492-2526; Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy: 1-800-677-7565. This number is the Red Cross Desert Storm Hotline, which is handling family support inquiries for those branches of the service. National Military Family Association: 1-703-823-6632.

* Status hot lines for news about individual service members. For families only.

U.S. Army: 1-703-614-0739; U.S. Air Force: 1-800-253-9276; U.S. Coast Guard: 1-800-283-8724; U.S. Navy: 1-800-255-3808 (family only) 1-800-732-1206 (public); U.S. Marine Corps: 1-800-523-2694.

* The American Legion Family Support Network: 1-800-786-0901. This 24-hour clearinghouse can offer support services if families of personnel in the Persian Gulf need emergency transportation, baby-sitting, home repairs, etc. Local American Legion posts will be contacted to supply needed assistance.

* Civilian support groups for families and friends of service members

Support Group for Parents of Desert Storm service members in Baltimore: Ed and Barbara Brody 301-947-5800 (weekdays) 301-338-1331 (evenings and weekends).

Operation Orange Ribbon Support Group in Catonsville: Mary Jane Wright 301-442-1114.

Operation Orange Ribbon Support Group in Camp Springs (near Andrews Air Force Base): Holly Wright: 301-423-1216.

Baltimore County Support Group, Rosedale. Cecilia and Steven Hoehn 301-866-5109.

Elkton Support Group, Elkton: Sherry Brinkman/Dave Patterson 301-287-9696; 301-398-3811.

If you would like information about forming your own support group, call the Army Family Liaison Office at 1-800-833-6622.

* Military family support groups at military installations

Adelphi, U.S. Army Laboratory Command -- Bill Bernard, 301-394-1037.

Annapolis, U.S. Navy -- Carol Fritz or Leo Weigant. 301-267-2641.

Andrews Air Force Base -- Jeanette Ruffing. 301-981-7087 or 7088.

Bolling Air Force Base -- 202-767-4781.

Fort Detrick -- Pat Wright. 301-663-2197.

Fort Meade -- Marci Emerson. 301-677-3418, 5590, 3586, 4357.

Fort Ritchie -- Jackie Royals. 301-878-5100.

Patuxent River Naval Ordinance Station -- 301-863-4911.

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