The New York Giants pounded inside with Ottis Anderson an outside with David Meggett last night. That one-two combination enabled the Giants to role up 172 rushing yards in their scintillating 20-19 victory over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

Anderson's bull rushes between the tackles were expected Meggett's quick bursts around end were another matter.

"We do so much running up the middle, and their guys wer aware of that," said center Bart Oates. "It allowed us to take advantage of the outside.

"And with Jeff [Hostetler's] threat to bootleg, the cutback lane were there."

Anderson earned the first Rozelle Trophy as the Super Bowl' MVP with 102 ground yards on a 4.9 average carry. Meggett's speed and some timely blocks by Maurice Carthon sprung him for 48 yards on nine carries. It was Meggett's 6-yard burst around Carthon from the Buffalo 9 that set up the Giants' winning points, a 21-yard field goal by Matt Bahr, in the fourth quarter.

"I knew I was going to get some runs going to the outside. Th offensive line was doing a great job all night, wearing those guys down," Meggett said.

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