How the Bills were built


NFL draft

1980 Jim Ritcher, G, 1st.

1983 Jim Kelly, QB, 1st; Darryl Talley, LB, 2nd.

1985 Bruce Smith, DE, 1st; Frank Reich, QB, 3rd; Hal Garner, LB, 3rd; Andre Reed, WR, 4th.

1986 Will Wolford, OT, 1st; Mark Pike, DE, 7th; Butch Rolle, TE, 7th.

1987 Shane Conlan, LB, 1st; Nate Odomes, CB, 2nd; Jamie Mueller, FB, 3rd. Leon Seals, DE, 4th; Keith McKeller, TE, 9th; Howard Ballard, OT, 11th.

1988 Thurman Thomas, RB, 2nd; John Hagy, FS; 8th; Jeff Wright, NT, 8th; Carlton Bailey, LB, 9th.

1990 James Williams, CB, 1st; Carwell Gardner, FB, 2nd; Glenn Parker, OT, 3rd; Marvcus Patton, LB, 8th; Mike Lodish, DT, 10th; Al Edwards, WR, 11th.

USFL-NFL supplemental draft -

Dwight Drane, S, 1984.



Steve Tasker, WR, from Houston, 1986.

Free agent

1985 Scott Norwood, PK.

1986 Kent Hull, C; Mark Kelso, FS; Ray Bentley, LB.

1987 David Hicks, CB.

1988 Mitch Frerotte, G.

1989 Kenneth Davis, RB; John Davis, OL; Gale Gilbert, QB; Adam Lingner, G; James Lofton, WR; Don Smith, RB.

1990 Rick Tuten, P; David Pool, CB; Vernon Turner, WR; Gary Baldinger, NT.


Pete Metzelaars, TE from Seattle for Byron Franklin, WR, 1985.

Cornelius Bennett, LB from Indianapolis for Greg Bell, RB, 1st-round pick in 1988, and 1st- and 2nd-round draft choice in 1989, 1987.

Leonard Smith, SS from Phoenix Cardinals for Roland Mitchell, DB, and 6th-round draft choice in 1989, 1988.

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