ABC hopes 'Davis Rules' will pique the interest of Super Bowl viewers


When coverage of the Super Bowl ends at 10:30 Sunday night, ABC (Channel 13) is hoping football fans will stay tuned for a preview of "Davis Rules," a situation comedy from Carsey/Werner, which also produces "Cosby" and "Roseanne."

"Davis Rules" brings together two likable talents, Randy Quaid and Jonathan Winters. The series moves into its regular time slot at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

It's a soft, gentle comedy, featuring Mr. Quaid as Dwight Davis, an unorthodox principal in a suburban Seattle grammar school. A single parent to three young boys, he also has living with him his eccentric father, Gunny Davis, played by Mr. Winters.

While the show can use some polishing, the casting of the three boys is fortunate -- Trevor Bullock as Robbie, a seventh-grader; Luke Edwards as Charlie, a fourth-grader, and Nathan Watt as Ben, a second-grader. All are very good and provide the writers with opportunities to deal with problems that families with children can relate to.

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