Gone bowlingErie County (N.Y.) Executive Dennis Gorski...


Gone bowling

Erie County (N.Y.) Executive Dennis Gorski was scheduled to give his state of the county speech to the Erie County legislature tomorrow, but has postponed it until after the Super Bowl. The problem is, too many members will be in Tampa, Fla., to see the Buffalo Bills play the New York Giants.

He said the trip came under the heading of county business because Erie County owns the Bills' home field, Rich Stadium.

"As county officials, the legislature and I are the landlords of Rich Stadium, and I think it's very appropriate for us to clear our schedules so we can be there," Gorski said.

And it might be appropriate for Erie County voters to remember this little junket come next election, too.

How much Bromo Seltzer?

All right, we were sucked in. This is totally useless information, sent to us solely to get the company mentioned in newspapers, but we couldn't resist.

It is estimated that fans at Sunday's Super Bowl will be filling their stomachs with:

* 46,000 jumbo hot dogs (laid end to end, these would stretch nearly six miles).

* 13,000 soft pretzels.

* 10,000 containers of popcorn.

* 9,500 orders of french-fried potato curls.

* 8,400 bags of peanuts.

* 4,000 specialty sandwiches (sausage, barbecue, grinders, etc.).

* 3,500 deluxe hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

* 15,000 gallons of beer.

* 10,000 gallons of soft drinks.

* 400 gallons of coffee (the total drinks represent almost enough liquid to fill a standard 20-foot-by-40-foot swimming pool).

Oh, we didn't mention the company's name, did we?

That's the ticket

Actress Dyan Cannon is divorcing her husband, real estate broker Stan Fimberg, and things are going so amicably that they have agreed to divide their tickets to Los Angeles Lakers games.

"We're just better friends than we were husband and wife," Cannon said. "And we are adult. I mean, we've even sat down and talked about sharing our tickets for the Lakers games. And that's very adult because I want to go to all the games."

The quote

Hartford Courant columnist Alan Greenberg, gazing into his cloudy crystal ball in Sunday's editions: "I am here to tell you that the Giants have no chance of beating the San Francisco 49ers in today's National Football Conference championship game."

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