Hayden pledges spending cuts of $1.6 million


Baltimore County Executive Roger B. Hayden met last night with 475 taxpayers at Hereford Senior High School to announce $1.6 million in spending cuts and pledge more cuts in another month.

Mr. Hayden told members of Property Taxpayers United that he would trim $100,000 in county salaries, cut $1.5 million by VTC eliminating a lease arrangement for office and storage space and save $15,000 by preventing callers from dialing the latest time and weather report on county phones. He said details of the cuts would be announced today.

David Boyd, an education professor at Towson State University who is president of the taxpayers group, said the session was intended for members to marshal opposition to the Linowes commission's recommendations on taxes and to remind Gov. William Donald Schaefer that they were unhappy with the property tax assessment process.

Mr. Hayden was asked why he wanted to give a $16,000 raise to his choice for administrative officer, Merreen Kelly, a retired associate school superintendent.

"We have to pay quality people competitive wages to get the job done, so those people can save the money that you people deserve to have saved," he said.

But most of the discussion focused on state issues, as speakers blasted the $800 million in taxes called for by the Linowes panel, the governor's spending and the "editorializing" on the Linowes ideas in The Sun and The Evening Sun.

Harold Lloyd criticized The Sun for supporting the recommendations "before the ink was even dry."

In a related development yesterday, a University of Baltimore economist recommended to the county spending affordability committee that the county restrict future spending increases to 5.5 percent.

Michael A. Conte, chairman of the committee's economic matters subcommittee, said the limit would correspond to personal income growth projected for the nation in fiscal 1992 by Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates.

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