If the presence of New York Giants coach Bill Parcells and Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy in Super Bowl XXV means anything, it's probably that reputations don't count for much in -- the NFL.

While he coached in Kansas City, never getting over the .50 hump in six years, Levy was regarded as one of the league's most conservative minds.

Yet this year, with vastly different personnel, Levy's Bills own th NFL's flashiest and most feared offense. Buffalo's no-huddle attack will be the rage around the league next season.

Parcells, meanwhile, is another disciple of ball control, fiel position and defense. But the Giants coach is willing to gamble when necessary.

It was Parcells' willingness to try a fake punt on fourth down fro his own 46 late in Sunday's NFC championship game that helped the Giants reach the Super Bowl. Gary Reasons went 30 yards on the fake to set up a Matt Bahr field goal that cut the 49ers' lead to 13-12, and set up Bahr's last-minute heroics.


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