'Lonesome Dove' to return Sunday


Assuming events in the Middle East allow, CBS plans to repeat one of television's greatest miniseries this weekend as "Lonesome Dove" starts Sunday night at 9 o'clock on Channel 11 (WBAL). It continues Jan. 22-24 from 9 to 11 p.m. each night.

Based on a Larry McMurtry book, 1989's "Lonesome Dove" works on every level -- superb acting, compelling plot, great characters, excellent direction, stunning visuals.

Robert Duvall hands in a can't-miss performance as the philosophical cowboy Gus McCrea who joins his taciturn friend Woodrow F. Call, played by Tommy Lee Jones, on a cattle drive from Texas to Montana that's an attempt to find the spirit of the frontier that had formed most of their shared life.

The supporting cast rarely misses a beat. Led by Danny Glover as their old pal Joshua Deets, it features a surprisingly good Robert Urich as former rival-turned-sidekick Jake Spoon, Rick Schroeder as the coming-of-age youngster Newt Dobbs, Angelica Huston as Gus' old love Clara Allen, Frederic Forrest as the cruel half-breed Indian Blue Duck, and Glenne Headley as the wayward frontier wife Elmira.

There's comedy, tragedy, adventure, melodrama, farce and every other form of entertainment in this picaresque journey in search of what really turns out to be a piece of the soul of America.

If you saw it the first time, you know how great it will be to watch it again. And, if you missed it then, you're in for a treat.

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