TV AND THE GULF Network and cable programs to focus on latest developments


Tonight's planned specials on the Persian Gulf crisis are subject to change, network officials say, depending on the "level of engagement." All networks say they are prepared to go to a round-the-clock all-news format if the country is engaged in war.

*CNN: All programming will be Gulf-related from 6 p.m. to midnight tonight. "Crossfire" and "Larry King Live" will deal with the Gulf. Phebe Marr, President Bush's adviser on Iraqi military affairs, will be Mr. King's guest.

*CBS: "48 Hours" will examine the Gulf crisis at 8 p.m. on WBAL-TV (Channel 11). At midnight, CBS will show a one-hour version of "America Tonight" on the Gulf crisis, with Dan Rather in New York, Lesley Stahl and Charles Kuralt.

*ABC has a one-hour version of "Nightline," with Ted Koppel in Jordan, at 11:30 tonight on WJZ-TV (Channel 13).

*NBC has a half-hour special with Tom Brokaw in New York at 11:30 tonight on Channel 2.

*PBS's "MacNeil/Lehrer" at 7 tonight on MPT (Channels 22 and 67) will be devoted to the crisis.

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