In winning ACE award, Miller finds famous fan


It was a mah-velous weekend for Jon Miller.

The Baltimore Orioles announcer learned that a lot of people, including actor-comedian Billy Crystal and the folks who give out cable television's ACE awards, like his work. Miller received an ACE in Los Angeles for his play-by-play on ESPN's major-league baseball telecasts.

"The whole thing was kind of unexpected, both winning and being nominated," Miller said yesterday.

Miller said he was trying to be cool while waiting for the announcement of the play-by-play award, but "all of a sudden, there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach, 'God, I hope I don't lose.' "

Miller didn't have to deal with that kind of rejection. He won, and received his award from someone else with a Baltimore connection, actor Kevin Pollack, part of the cast for "Avalon," last year's movie based on one family's life here.

And Miller discovered he had a famous fan.

"I'm trying to walk through the aisle [at the awards ceremony] to get to the other side, and there's a guy standing there," Miller said. "I say, 'Excuse me,' and as I walk past, he says, 'I'm a real big fan of yours.' It was Billy Crystal."

So, what does it all mean?

"I don't know what to make of it," Miller said. "I'll let other people decide that."

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