Around the house* Remove evergreen tree sap...


Around the house

* Remove evergreen tree sap from carpeting or clothes. Sprinkle dry baking soda on stain, brush lightly and sponge with a damp cloth.

* Reduce waste by using fewer packaged non-biodegradable products. Use rags or sponges rather than paper towels; cloth napkins instead of paper; ceramic mugs, not plastic coffee cups. Purchase loose fruits and vegetables instead of plastic-wrapped produce.

* Increase your home's heating efficiency. Lower thermostat to about 65 degrees during the day and 60 degrees at night; close off unoccupied rooms; keep draperies and shades open on sunny days; closed on overcast days and at night. Dust or vacuum radiator surfaces frequently.

* Save time when cleaning. Buy a 25-foot-long extension cord for the vacuum cleaner -- no more constant interruption of chores caused by pulling plugs.

* Purchase duplicate sets of cleaning products to avoid running out when in the midst of scrubbing or dusting. For easy accessibility, store in particular rooms where product is used.

In the garden

* Convert Christmas tree into mulch for use on roses, bulb beds and evergreen perennials.

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