A royal introductionBabar and Celeste, the king-and-queen...

A royal introduction

Babar and Celeste, the king-and-queen elephant heroes of Jean de Brunhoff's classic children's tales, have deigned to give their names to two new scents for children: Babar for boys and Celeste for girls.


Though always familiar and well-liked here, Babar and Celeste have become "the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Europe," according to David H. Nevins, a spokesman for Kids Scents. The scents, too -- a combination of mandarin, lemon and jasmine for boys, a sweeter mix of orange, lily of the valley and rose for girls --have proven quite popular in the year they've been available in Europe.

Unlike American children, whoseem to prefer sewer-dwelling reptiles as heroes, those sophisticated Continental children evidently incline toward sweet-smelling royalty. Nevertheless, Mr. Nevins is confident that Babar and Celeste can duplicate their success on American shores. After test-marketing in the duty-free shops at Miami International Airport, the scents will be sold nationwide, and should be available at select Baltimore


department stores later this month. It's tough to be a star. Not only are you an unwitting target for Mr. Blackwell's venomous pen, you now have to worry about finding yourself on the wrong side of the Best/Worst Tressed List. The list, also known as the Supercut/Othercut list, is based on answers from a survey of 6,000 stylists at Supercut hair salons throughout the country.

Mel Gibson can sleep easy, for another year at least, knowing that he is the "Supercut" man of the year. He is followed by Arsenio Hall, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise and Richard Gere.

Demi Moore is the woman with the do to die for, followed by Julia Roberts, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Kirstie Alley.

Don King and his electrifying, finger-in-the-light-socket locks is the men's "Othercut," or worst-tressed, champion, followed by Axl Rose, Bruce Willis, David Letterman and Phil Donahue. Not surprisingly, considering that those surveyed make their living by dressing hair, Sinead O'Connor's clean-shaven head was considered the worst-tressed look among women, followed by Roseanne Barr, Madonna (again), Whoopi Goldberg and Liz Taylor.

Donna Peremes

Edited by Catherine Cook