The County Commissioners are encouraging citizens to participate in recycling programs that will help meet the state recycling law.

The following information will assist you in joining the countywide effort.

A. Carroll County Recycling Center: Route 97 near airport; 848-CANS, 848-4124 or 857-2177; open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays; drop off available at all times

Accepted items:

* Aluminum cans: (purchased from you by the pound)

* Cardboard: (corrugated, flat, clean; includes cereal boxes)

* Computer paper and white office paper: (boxed separately)

* Glass: (separated by color; all metal caps and rings removed)

* Newspaper: (tied bundles or in paper bags; no paper in boxes or in plastic bags; no magazines)

* Plastic bottles: (milk, soda, detergent)

* Tin cans: (food)

B. St.George's Church: 2434 Cape Horn Road; 239-3791; open 8 a.m. to noon the first Saturday of the month.

Accepted items:

Aluminum cans,glass, newspaper, plastic and bi-metal cans

C. Traveling Recycling Center

Large recycling containers with four segregated bins are stationed across Carroll on a scheduled, rotating basis. Items shouldbe placed in the bins in the following order, starting at the end with the door:

1. Clear, brown and green glass bottles

2. Plasticbottles -- milk, soda, detergent

3. Cans -- aluminum and bi-metal

* Remove rings/caps from glass bottles and flatten plastic bottles

* Separate items as indicated and placed in the proper bins

Permanent recycling bins available across the county

* Piney Run Park: on Martz Road at entrance to park

* Eldersburg: George's SuperThrift, 1438 Eldersburg Plaza, Liberty Road

* Finksburg: at Sandymount Park & Ride

* Hampstead: town parking lot near Post Office

* Manchester: parking lot adjacent to Post Office

* Mount Airy: Watkins Park, Route 27 near Watersville Road

* New Windsor: Maintenance Facility, Greer Lane

* Taneytown: town parking lot

* Westminster: waste water treatment plant, Route 31 near Livestock Auction, and Public Works Maintenance Facility, 105 Railroad Ave.

D. Woods Waste Removal: privately operated company; collects recyclables from customers the last Saturday of each month; 848-5230

E. Phoenix Recycling: privately operated company; recycling center at 2900 EmoryRoad (old Congoleum Plant), Finksburg; 833-1121; open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays

F. Used motor oil: the county accepts used oil and antifreeze generated from residential use at Northern and Hoods Mill landfills. There is no charge to patrons, but there is a five-gallon limit per person.

Other collection sites:

* Hampstead Town Maintenance Garage: 4031 Gill Ave.; 24 hours

* Manchester Town Garage: 3351 Victor St.; 24 hours

* Mount Airy Maintenance Garage: 215 Prospect St.; 24 hours

* Sykesville Public Works Garage: Raincliffe Road; 24 hours

G. White goods: appliances, e.g. stoves, washers, dryers, etc., are accepted at county landfills and then recycled

Carroll County Recycling Office: Court Street Professional Building, 125N. Court St., Westminster, MD 21157-5194. Information: 857-2177.

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