Robey resigns Baltimore County post


Frank C. Robey Jr., Baltimore County's top appointed official left over from the administration of defeated County Executive Dennis F. Rasmussen, has resigned his post as county administrative officer.

The resignation will allow new executive Roger B. Hayden to put Mereen E. Kelly in Robey's job, at an additional $16,000 a year in salary, if the County Council approves.

The Kelly appointment was to be introduced at today's council session. Hayden is asking that Kelly, 55, who retired last month as an associate superintendent of schools, receive $85,000 a year, the same salary the county executive is paid. Robey, 53, is paid $69,000.

Robey will continue as the county's director of emergency management and civil defense and as adviser to the executive until May 31, unless he finds another job. The county charter requires that an administrative officer's term of office run six months longer than the executive's term, to provide continuity when a political change occurs.

Robey is without a county office, however, and he said he had to operate from his Timonium home today to help direct snow removal.

The council also was expected today to choose newly elected member Douglas Riley, R-4th, as its chairman for 1991.

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