Letters to the editor



From: Dale Aukerman

Union Bridge

On the evening of the first big snowfall of the winter, we found ourselves driving back from Dulles Airport.

That harrowing trip took six hours. As we were coming north on Route 27, we were astonishedthat even late in the evening it had not been plowed at all. With snow still falling, some of the snow between tracks was almost to bumper level.

My wife said, "When we get to Carroll County, they'll be plowing."

And sure enough, when we crossed the county line at Mount Airy, the first thing we saw was a snow plow truck. From then on wesaw twice as many trucks plowing as in all the earlier hours of the drive, and the main roads were well plowed.

Hearty thanks to all those county workers who do such a splendid job when the snows come.


From: Alvera Rush


This is regarding an article -- "Rough -- win at all costs" -- written about the Baltimore Club being kicked out of county soccer league, by Mike Nortrup in the Nov. 28 Carroll County Sun.

I am a spectator andgrandparent of two of the Baltimore Football Club soccer players. I attended all the games played, Baltimore Football Club vs. Carroll County teams.

I have yet to see any of the so-called "scuffles" among the players. Only good soccer skills were used during the games.

The Baltimore soccer players are well-trained and are the envy of a lot of teams. Why would Steve Maloff, president of the Carroll CountyLeague, not invite the Baltimore soccer teams back again?

Why would he not want his team players to extend their ability and improve their skills? This only happens when you play against better teams.

I think Maloff is doing an injustice to his young soccer players. I think he made a very unwise decision.

Baltimore soccer players area group of real nice kids who like to play soccer.


From: Terry Whye


I wish to publicly thank the Carroll County Arts Council and the Hashawha Environmental Appreciation Center for the opportunity to participate in the recent celebration of Art and Nature, Dec. 1-2.

A combination of the abundance of top-quality local artists exhibiting in the juried 1990 Nature Art Show and Sale and the stunning display of award-winning photographs of the Outdoor Writers Association of America Inc. created the time for me to reflect on my own responsibility to revere, protect and preservethe natural world and its abundance.

Although the natural world is the source of my own art's inspiration, I was clearly reminded of the more concrete ways I can work toward a clean and safe environment.

The two events were delightful, thanks to the great efforts of our Arts Council and the Hashawha staff.


From: Julia W. Gouge

Carroll County commissioner

To: Norton Geier

Plant manager

Westminster Knit

It is with deep regret thatthe Board of Carroll County Commissioners received the news of the closing of Westminster Knit.

Through the years, your company has provided employment for hundreds of Carroll County residents. Also, as is customary for companies with community longevity, it has not been unusual for several generations within the same family to seek and maintain jobs with Westminster Knit.

We applaud this fine tradition.

Please know we appreciate the role you have played in our community and, more importantly, we thank you and your employees for the contributions you have made over the years by being good corporate neighbors and friends.

Carroll County, through the Job Training Partnership Administration, stands ready to assist your workers with training, career counseling and employment opportunities.

While we cannotavert the trauma and anxieties associated with a job loss, we can extend to you and your employees our assurance that we will do everything we can to see that the transition period is as comfortable as possible.

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