William H. Davis 68, founder of Golf...


William H. Davis 68, founder of Golf Digest Magazine and a retired senior vice president of the New York Times Co., died Wednesday at the Carolton Convalescent Hospital, in Fairfield, Conn., of congestive heart failure resulting from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. In 1984, Mr. Davis was named a senior vice president of the New York Times Co. and chairman of its magazine group, consisting of Family Circle, Golf Digest, Tennis, Cruising World, and Golf Digest of the United Kingdom. He was also editor in chief of Golf Digest, a magazine that he founded in 1950 and that he and his colleagues sold to the New York Times in 1969.

John T. O'Hagan, 65, who served simultaneously as chief of the New York City Fire Department and as fire commissioner in the mid-70s, died of cardiopulmonary arrest because of widespread cancer Wednesday at his home in Brooklyn. Mr. O'Hagan, who fostered many innovations during his leadership of the department, including the creation of a strong fire-safety law for high-rise buildings and the use of "cherry picker" tower ladders, was 39 when he was appointed chief of the department in 1964, the youngest chief in the department's history. In addition, he was appointed fire commissioner in 1973 by Mayor John V. Lindsay and retained both posts under Mayor Abraham D. Beame.

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