Wig tips to try:


Thinking of getting a wig? Here are some styling tips:

* A wig color similar to your own hair color will look most flattering and natural. But for outrageous drama, try a totally different color platinum blond on a brunette.

* When your wig is similar to the color of your own hair, you can let your hairline or bangs show.

* If you're looking for realism, don't style your wig with every hair in place. A tousled, windswept look will appear more natural.

* Don't be put off by memories of the hot, heavy wigs of the '60s. Today's models are much cooler and lighter.

* An acrylic wig can be washed in a mild detergent such as Woolite. When it starts looking old and tired, a little fabric softener in the wash water will perk it right up.

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