Anaheim Freedom Bowl


ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Colorado State, 1-10 two years ago and absent from a bowl game since 1948, celebrated a 32-31 victory over favored Oregon in the Anaheim Freedom Bowl by carrying coach Earle Bruce off the field -- just as Bruce's Ohio State players did after his last game at Ohio State.

Saturday night's victory never seemed sure or even likely until 1:01 remained, when a two-point conversion attempt by Oregon barely failed. Michael McClellan caught Bill Musgrave's pass with his feet in the end zone, but the ball never crossed the plane of the goal line.

"I would never kick an extra point in that situation, absolutely not," Oregon coach Rich Brooks said. "I like to win football games. It's pretty simple. We didn't come to a bowl game to tie. I've never gone for a tie in my life."

"I got to tell you, I'm just so proud of those young men," Bruce said. "It's unbelievable. It's really unbelievable that they just won the Freedom Bowl. I'm so proud of them. They showed what hard work and a little bit of wanting can do."

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