By sidelining Detmer, Aggies do it again to Heisman winner


SAN DIEGO -- Whoever happens to win the Heisman Trophy next year would do well to dodge Texas A&M.; Ty Detmer didn't, and he probably wishes he had.

The Aggies separated each of Detmer's shoulders at different times Saturday night, knocking the 1990 Heisman winner out of the Sea World Holiday Bowl and routing Brigham Young, 65-14, at San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium.

It was the fourth time in six years that the Aggies have defeated the Heisman winner.

Detmer looked no better against A&M; than did Bo Jackson in the 1987 Cotton Bowl, Notre Dame's Tim Brown in the 1988 Cotton Bowl or Houston's Andre Ware last season in losing efforts against the Aggies.

Detmer was able to bounce back in the second quarter after his left shoulder was dislodged while he was being pummeled as he threw, but when his right (throwing) shoulder was injured early in the third quarter, he was done for the night.

Detmer, college football's all-time single-season passer, threw for 5,188 yards in the regular season, but Saturday completed just 11 of 23 for 120 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

It marked the only time in his high school or college career that Detmre has missed even a single play because of injury.

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