Thank you, congressman, for tax tyrannyOn Dec....


Thank you, congressman, for tax tyranny

On Dec. 1, the federal gasoline tax was raised a nickel to 14 cents per gallon. Combined with the Maryland gas tax of 18 1/2 cents per gallon, Maryland motorists are now paying 32 1/2 cents in taxes per gallon of gasoline. For a gallon of regular gas at, say, $1.419, that is a tax rate of 29 percent! Or, for every $10 of gas bought, roughly $2.25 is tax. The tax will increase another nickel next year.

Whom do Maryland motorists have to thank for yet another tax increase? Those members of Congress who, instead of cutting the budget deficit, chose to increase spending and increase taxes to pay for it. And, cowards that most members of Congress are, instead of increasing the gas tax by the full 10 cents at once, they decided to do it in two 5-cent installments so their constituents wouldn't notice.

Thank you, Congressman Tom McMillen, for further draining our wallets so you and your cronies on Capitol Hill can continue to expand the welfare state, fund homoerotic art, strangle industry with onerous regulations and red tape, subsidize non-competitive agricultural products and further put our nation in debt. Thank you for voting yourself a pay increase while diminishing our take-home pay with increased taxes. Thank you for killing the American dream of financial independence, for forcing millions of elderly and low-income families to become wards of the state because high taxes have prevented them from saving and investing.

Gary P. Bunker


Call anytime

Notice to all nations of the world:

When in trouble, the new code ID for the USA is 911.

Charles Johnston


No public service

I applaud the Public Service Commission for granting Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. another increase. Do the people on the commission get free service for granting BG&E; its wish?

I feel that any company that nets over $1 million a year should not keep taking advantage of its customers. But when you are a monopoly, and you know that the people cannot go to anyone else, you can keep putting the screws to them.

So keep up the good work, PSC, and pretty soon everyone will be going back to pot-bellied stoves to cook on and to warm their houses.

Joanne May


Wait for sanctions

What a tragic mistake President Bush would make in plunging our nation into war. He is so headstrong that he will not talk peace, despite Saddam Hussein's offer to talk peace on Jan. 12. Hussein also released the hostages. So it seems that the sanctions are working already.

Are we going to spill American boys' blood for the sake of a two-bit country like Kuwait? American boys should only have to die on the battlefield if our country were directly attacked.

The fundamental mistake of our foreign policy through the years has been to look after the welfare of other countries ahead of our own. All other countries do the opposite. Uncle Sam seems to be everybody's doormat.

Most Americans do not want to go to war over oil. And we would use up tremendous amounts of oil and gasoline in any offensive military operation.

I advocate two peaceful gestures: first that Bush forget the Jan. 15 deadline; and second that he agree to talk to Saddam on Jan. 12. Then he should wait for the sanctions to complete their job. Peace talks and sanctions together should produce peace.

Ned Judge


Sex and stigma

I would like to add my support for Robert Bernstein's "Other Voices" commentary (Dec. 12) regarding Burger King's submission to the CLEAR TV boycott. Exactly what traditional values does CLEAR TV support?

My parents never brought sexuality to the forefront as a "value." They taught us that a person should know how to respect people who are different, try to understand the differences, learn how to trust and, above all, love. I came out as a gay man to my family over two years ago. The stigma that society placed upon homosexuals strained my ability to trust that others, including my family, would recognize that I am essentially the same person, if not better for it all.

I spent the first 26 years of my life trying to live up to a rather vocal minority's distorted list of "values." The closet is a lonely and dark place. I was one of the lucky ones who emerged from there, got out from under the drug and alcohol haze and have a family that knows what traditional values truly are all about. I do not believe that homosexuality is a sin. The God I believe in possesses the ability to respect, understand, trust and love all people, no matter what their differences may be. I will be judged by him, and him alone. The only truly sinful behavior is the tunnel vision of a few crusaders with a loud bullhorn.

George Gott


Bush is no Saddam

The Dec. 18 Forum letter, "The Enemy: Bush," written by the poisoned pen of the irrational Peggy Cook, is so far from the truth that I question why a paper of stature would consider publishing such garbage.

To compare our president to the arrogant, irresponsible, plundering maniac, Saddam Hussein, allows The Evening Sun's faithful to comprehend, digest and consider the pathetic source by whom it was written.

Aaron Y. Wynn


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