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It depends on where you live

Your editorial of Dec. 18 on insurance options was as illogical as is most of your political commentary. Insurance rating by demographics and experience within defined areas is supported by statistical fact: More people, more crime, more vehicles, more intersections mean more claims. You don't need a degree from Hopkins to understand that.

The problem is that you don't want to accept the obvious. You pander to public emotions in the name of public relations. Mary Pat Clarke [City Council president] plays the same game in her undeclared candidacy for mayor. The combined insurance knowledge of the two of you would fit on the head of a pin. John Donaho, state insurance commissioner, made the only decision he could because it had a basis in fact.

Why should those on the Eastern Shore and other sparsely populated areas subsidize metropolitan Baltimore auto insurance rates? They're already paying for light rail, a stadium and a subway they'll seldom use. To compare license plate fees, which involves no risk factor, with insurance rating procedures is ludicrous.

Joseph L. Bishop

The writer is an insurance agent.


Your readers have been subjected to a barrage of editorials lately against the high auto insurance rates charged city residents. Does the editorial writer live in the city? It would seem so.

I wonder if rates are also set with regard to higher incidence of vandalism, sideswipes and thefts in the city, as well as accidents? In the suburbs cars can be parked off the street to avoid such occurrences.

I think your editorial is a bit off track in comparing insurance rates with the cost of license plates. Why don't you ask the state why auto drivers in rural counties aren't compelled to have their cars inspected for pollution like car owners in Baltimore city and surrounding counties?

Perhaps the answer to inequality of auto insurance rates is to simply raise the rates in all the counties to that of the city. Then we can all complain or else stop driving automobiles.

I notice that according to The Evening Sun's call-in poll of Dec 18, the "people" have spoken in favor of territorial auto insurance ratings!

Jack Kelly


Women as victims

After following the Gainesville murders for a period of about two months, I have become frustrated. Once again I feel that women have been victimized by men. All the victims, except for one, were women. Three of the four female victims were mutilated, and there is speculation that the only reason the fourth victim wasn't mutilated is because the murderer found a male in the apartment and got nervous.

Isn't there any way to stop this kind of brutality? The Gainesville murders are not the first brutal kinds of serial killings directed against women. Not long ago we had problems with Ted Bundy and his need to rid this world of women, and there are many others.

Many of these murderers have been arrested before for lesser crimes; obviously they were not rehabilitated. Women everywhere must start banding together and fighting these brutalities. We, as women, have come so far in our achievements; why can't we stop this brutality against us? I hope that in time people will become more aware, and try to prevent these horrendous crimes from happening.

Kim Tossman


Sadistic Saddam

Peggy Cook (Forum, Dec. 18) refers to our president as a hypocrite and classifies him below Saddam Hussein. How can anyone compare our president with Saddam?

Sadistic Saddam has no regard for his own people's lives. He orders the beatings and murders of men, women and children every day. I wonder how Peggy Cook would like it if Saddam were our president and ordered the troops to take her children or family members and beat and torture them.

Whether you approve of President Bush or not, you should be very thankful we have George Bush. I wouldn't want to live in a world governed by the likes of Saddam Hussein. Maybe you should look up that word, hypocritical. It appears that it best describes you, rather than our president.

Roger R. Bryant


Ecker's pension

How can Charles Ecker receive a pension of $40,000 a year after only 15 years of employment by the state? And then he has the audacity to ask for special legislation to enable him to add this to the $80,000 a year he will receive as Howard County executive. Who does he think he is, a member of Congress?

I hope The Evening Sun monitors carefully the forthcoming

General Assembly session and reports the names of senators or delegates who sponsor bills of this ilk. The electorate, on both the national and local levels, had better wake up to what our "servants" are doing to us at our expense.

James A. Kelly


Why not peace?

Would it not have been wonderful if the president of the United States had traveled the world with a message of peace, elimination of hunger, poverty and drugs, shelter for the homeless and proper care for the children of this Earth instead of his dire message of a "new world order" based on death and annihilation?

This president and his close advisers already have the blood of our countrymen and the Panamanians on their hands. If we, the American people, through our silence and acquiescence, allow President Bush to engage our young people in a futile Middle East war, then we too will be stained by the blood of our fellow citizens - our hands and our souls.

Linda L. Brooks


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