You've done it. Christmas is done and gone with all its wrappings and trappings. Your gift selections added up to some hits and misses --someone else's problem now.

You can breathe at last -- and begin to be somewhat selfish about the rest of the holiday season.

The New Year's whirl is coming up, with six shopping days left to put you into a traffic-stopping something.

They're not just shopping days, they're sale, clearance, 50 percent off bargain opportunities. This is the high season for hard-core shoppers.

You've been good thinking only of others as you slogged through ties and fuzzy slippers and funky T-shirts. So far you have managed to get through the round of parties with last year's always tasteful little black dress or always elegant silk pants and shirt. You looked great and blended very nicely with all the other women in the black pack.

Enough black already, give yourself a treat and go for something red. A Chiristmas cliche you say? Well, yes, the color is favored by Santa, Mrs. Claus and Nancy Reagan and there is an overabundance of red ribbon in the malls. But think ahead to the weeks when the seasonal decor disappears.

Think how a red jacket will punch up your spirits in the last weeks in January. A little red dinner dress will rekindle your Valentine's heart. A red sweater will warm up your complexion in the bleak weeks of February. A bright red hat and gloves will help your face the March winds. And the fashion barometer indicates that red will bae a hot color next winter.

You smart shopper, you.

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