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Redskins: Three will miss finale


HERNDON, Va. -- The Washington Redskins will be without at least three players when they face Buffalo in the season's final game Sunday.

Defensive tackle Eric Williams, "third-down back" Kelvin Bryant and "nickel" defensive back Sidney Johnson are declared out on the Skins' official injury list.

Williams, a standout since he was obtained in a trade with Detroit early in the season, has a ligament strain in his foot that may idle him well into the NFL playoffs.

If so, he may be replaced by Tracy Rocker, who has been on injured reserve since Nov. 3. That would take one of the two "moves" the team has left.

No such decision would be announced much before 4 p.m. Saturday, when the move would be made.

It is not likely either Bryant or Johnson will be replaced, inasmuch as the Buffalo game may be moot.

The Redskins already have a wild card berth sealed, and if Philadelphia wins at Phoenix Saturday the home field is the Eagles'. That game will be ending by the "move" deadline.

Bryant has been used very little this year, catching only 26 passes and running the ball only six times. But five of the catches and two of the runs took place in Saturday night's defeat at Indianapolis.

Johnson's day off will be precautionary. He suffered a concussion covering a punt and was knocked out for 20 minutes.

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