NFL playoff picture



* Buffalo has clinched the division title, earned a bye and will have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Miami is assured of a wild-card spot, and will host the game if it wins or if Kansas City loses next week. Indianapolis can get the final wild-card spot if it defeats Miami and Cincinnati, Houston and Seattle lose.


* Pittsburgh controls its destiny. If it defeats Houston next week it wins the division. If the Steelers lose, they're out. If Houston beats Pittsburgh and Cincinnati loses to Cleveland, the Oilers win the division. If the Oilers don't win the division, they need a loss from Seattle to earn a wild card. If Cincinnati wins and Houston wins, the Bengals are the champs. The Bengals also need a Seahawks loss to get a wild-card berth.


* The Los Angeles Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs are in the playoffs. Seattle needs a win over Detroit to clinch the final wild-card berth. If Los Angeles beats San Diego, the Raiders win the division. If they lose, and the Chiefs defeat Chicago, the Chiefs win the division.


* The New York Giants are the champions and drew a first-round bye with yesterday's victory over Phoenix. Philadelphia and Washington are both wild cards and will play each other. The Eagles will host if they defeat Phoenix next week. If Dallas beats Atlanta next week or the Saints lose to the Rams, the Cowboys earn the final wild-card spot.


* Chicago has clinched the division title and will host the last wild-card team (New Orleans or Dallas) during the first week of the playoffs. Everyone else is eliminated.


* San Francisco has won the division, earned a bye and will maintain home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. New Orleans needs a victory over the Rams next Monday and a Dallas loss to Atlanta on Sunday to get the final wild-card spot.

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