From: John Strumpf


Anne Arundel Gridiron Club Inc.

I understand these times are hard on budgets of all government agencies and John Q. Public as well. But when we look at areas to cut back and squeeze out, we need to keep in mind the youth. As I was told by one parent, "If our budget doesn't buy steak, we eat hamburger." On that thought, the heads of local and all government need to put themselves in place of parents, and no one should take away from the kids so they suffer.

Youth programs appear to be the quick fix. Well, we must seriously consider these actions. This may save some funds for now but put all the kids from these programs out on the streets. Where will get the funds for police and Juvenile Services later? Youth programs have enough problems competing with adult programs. We must take care of our kids first. We seem to forget that they are our tomorrow.

We need Anne Arundel County to set an example to governments everywhere.

Why not take the lead? We, the adults of this county, cannot eat steak and give the kids hamburger. We must remember, children are our future. Let's provide them with good healthy recreation instead of forcing them to the malls or street corners.

Let's show them we care. It is time to worry about youth programs now, not after the courts have to.


From: Barbara H. Schwitzer


Archbishop Spalding High

As the principal of Archbishop Spalding High School, I was appalled by Roch Kubatko's article in the December 11th edition of the (Anne Arundel County Sun) titled "The Spalding Football Team's Top 10 Excuses for Not Winning a Football Game this Year." I suggest that our football team needs to offer no excuses; the author, however, does need to apologize for his demeaning remarks.

At Spalding, we view athletics as an important part of our curriculum, but we are first and foremost an educational institution that stresses academic excellence and Catholic Christian values.

All our athletes are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA and to follow our conduct code. Our athletes are to be congratulated for their perseverance, dedication and sportsmanship in the face of adversity. We are extremely proud of both our players and our coach for demonstrating such admirable characteristics in their heroic efforts to rebuild our football program. At Spalding we do not judge the value of our athletic program based on wins and losses.

At a time when America's college's are under pressure to maintain academic and ethical standards for their athletes, I find it reprehensible that Mr. Kubatko ridicules students who participate in athletics for sheer love of the game rather than choosing to play to win at any cost. A minor consolation lies in the fact that Ivy League colleges are not renowned for their football prowess either.

I suggest that in the future, Mr. Kubatko confine his efforts to serious sportswriting and refrain from being "funny" at the expense of the fine young gentlemen who comprise the Archbishop Spalding High School football team. I am disappointed that the (Anne Arundel County Sun) would countenance such irresponsible journalism.

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