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The County Council has given permission to MCI Inc., which owns a microwave tower in the Carsins Run area near the Interstate 95 Maryland House rest stop, to install a water line into the property to connect the county's public water service.

"MCI wants to do some expansion and possibly have buildings for more computers," said Jerald Wheeler, deputy director of the county's Department of Public Works. "But to house the high-tech cooling systems that are required, they need large quantities of water. They didn't have enough ground water, so they needed to connect to our system and they're willing to pay for it."

The County Council voted 7-0 Tuesday to approve an amendment to the county's master water and sewer plan allowing MCI to build a connector line. However, as part of the amendment, the council ordered the line to be dedicated solely for MCI's use.

"The MCI property is located outside the development envelope," Wheeler said. "Requiring the line to be dedicated solely for MCI's use means it's not a public utility line that could generate more growth. This will be a private line and will make sure that the neighborhood doesn't change."

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