Hayden says staff cuts have saved $1 million


Baltimore County Executive Roger B. Hayden said yesterday that he has saved $1 million by trimming 15 positions from the county payroll and reducing consulting fees.

Mr. Hayden said through a press spokeswoman last night that he has cut the executive staff from 10 to five positions, eliminating two deputy administrative officers, a special projects coordinator, a community outreach coordinator and an administrative assistant.

Carol Hirschburg, his spokeswoman, said another seven positions have been cut from the 11-member staff of the Office of Communications, which she oversees.

County employees in the communications office who hold merit positions will be transferred to other departments, where they will take unfilled positions, Ms. Hirschburg explained.

"The point is to make government more efficient, make it so it functions just as well at less cost," she said.

Mr. Hayden pledged during his bid for office to cut 200 jobs from the county payroll, in part by reducing the size of the staffs in the executive's office and communications office.

Mr. Hayden, who was unavailable last night, also has trimmed from five to three the number of jobs in the county's legislative liaison office, eliminating the legislative analyst and legislative aide positions, Ms. Hirschburg said.

The legislative office's budget for consulting fees has been slashed from $75,000 to $32,000, she said.

The position of chief deputy in the fire department will be cut next year. That position is held by Elwood Banister, who is being promoted to fire chief, subject to confirmation by the County Council.

Ms. Hirschburg said the trims are only the beginning and that other cuts are expected once department heads begin to work with a committee Mr. Hayden will appoint to study the county's budget.

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