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Chiquita BrandsFred Gordon, The Plain Talk Investor,...


Chiquita Brands

Fred Gordon, The Plain Talk Investor, recommends Chiquita Brands (CQB, NYSE, mid $20s)

"Chiquita Brands, formerly known as United Brands, is a worldwide producer, processor and marketer of bananas, vegetables, and fresh fruit. The company also produces John Morrell meats. We have added the stock as a buy recommendation for our personal portfolio. The company continues to expand on an international basis. 1990 earnings should be near $2.25 per share, with $2.55 to $2.65 a share in sight for 1991."

Sara Lee

George Price, The Price Trend, is thumbs up on Sara Lee (SLE, NYSE, low $30s)

"Sara Lee has completed its 13th consecutive year of record earnings. Continued strong volume and profit growth in its coffee and grocery operations have more than offset lower profits in the bakery business. Continued record profits are on tap for 1991, with all areas of the company's business moving forward. This high quality company -- operating in a recession resistant industry -- provides both excellent safety and earnings potential."

New Asia Fund

Sheldon Jacobs, The No-Load Fund Investor, recommends T. Rowe Price's New Asia mutual fund.

"T. Rowe Price New Asia is an open-end fund which invests in Pacific Rim countries, excluding Japan. We have always adhered to a policy of not investing in new funds. However, for this fund, we are willing to make an exception. By investing in countries with exceptionally high growth rates, we believe this fund has a lot going for it. Investors seeking long-term growth should consider commitments to New Asia."

Alliance Global

Frank Capiello, The Closed-End Fund Digest, recommends Alliance Global Environmental Fund (AEF, NYSE, around $10).

"Alliance Global focuses on companies involved in environmental markets. Currently, 68 percent of the fund's assets are invested, while 32 percent remain in cash. Of the invested portion, 32 percent is in U.S. stocks; most of the remainder is in the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. Currently trading at an 18 percent discount, we think the fund is . . . an excellent buying opportunity."

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