Fulfilling a campaign promise, County Executive Charles I. Ecker directed his staff last week to make his correspondence available for public scrutiny.

When an aide asked how much of his mail Ecker wanted to make public, he replied, "All of it."

"Even letters from developers?" the aide asked.

"Everything," Ecker said.

The exchange took place during an interview with the county executive, who assumed office earlier this month, and an aide.

So as not to take anyone by surprise, Ecker directed that a press release be written early this week to warn potential correspondents that anything they don't want aired publicly should not be included in letters to him.

Ecker told his staff he wants the correspondence file open to the public within a week after the press release is circulated.

Ecker said he plans to make formal announcements and schedule news conferences on Mondays and Tuesdays to accommodate deadlines of a local weekly newspaper that would otherwise be shut out if the announcements and news conferences were conducted later in the week.

During the campaign, Ecker, a Republican, had criticized the Democratic administration of M. Elizabeth Bobo as inaccessible to the public, promising that, if elected, he would run "an open government."

As a symbol of his administration's accessibility, Ecker has been working with his office door open.

His running joke with reporters is that since he never said how long it would be open, he will fulfill the campaign promise by keeping his door open the first Monday of every month.

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