Carroll Community College student Tina Dayhoff's nightmares about friends going to war in the Persian Gulf prompted a peace rally over the weekend in downtown Westminster.

Protesting the use of force in the gulf, Dayhoff and about 20 other students and teachers rallied in front of the Carroll County Public Library, displaying signs that read "Honk if you want peace in the Middle East" and "Support the troops, support peace (and bring them home)."

The rally was sponsored by the Whole Earth Society, a student environmental group that has broadened its scope to tackle other concerns and issues, said Ann Weber, a CCC English professor and adviser to the students.

Weber, who joined the students in the protest, said Dayhoff's fears about friends in the Middle East prompted the group to stage a rally.

"Tina told the group about her nightmares and they wanted to get involved," Weber said. "A protest seemed like a logical thing to do.

There's a lot of activism among these students."

Plans initially called for the students and staff to march down Westminster's Main Street, but the group was not able to get a parade permit, Weber said. Although rain curbed attendance, the group deemed the rally in the park outside the library a success.

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